General Ophthalmology

General ophthalmology covers wide range of eye care, from vision care (evaluating visual changes) to diagnosing and treating eye disease.

General ophthalmology and eye examinations

Evaluation of eye problems and health conditions such as diabetes that may increase risk of eye diseases that range in age from children through elderly adults, is covered under general services and our team at Anand Eye Centre ensures your utmost comfort.  

Optometry is not a medical service but is necessary for ensuring correction of vision by means of using glasses and lenses as per the observation, clinically.

The evaluation consists of identification of:

  • Blurry vision
  • Poor night vision,
  • Transient loss of vision,
  • Loss of visual field,
  • Sudden loss of vision,
  • Difficulty with near vision,
  • Eye pain,
  • Red eyes,
  • Eye fatigue,
  • Fluctuating vision,
  • Itching or burning, crusts or discharge, excess tearing,
  • Double vision and
  • Itching or redness of the eyelids